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R&D Services

Our experts bring their over 15 years’ experience in synthesis development and optimisation, feasibility studies and contract research to jointly meet our customers’ challenges.

Polymers permeate every aspect of daily life, and it is difficult to imagine society without synthetic and natural polymers. Polymeric materials are based on interest of many industrial applications since they provide innovative solutions to fulfil tomorrow’s challenges. As stakeholder, it is simple to identify your needs, but it is more complex to find the appropriate response. Therefore, ACADEMICHEM offers to its customers various solutions in respect with polymers and materials’ chemistry to help them reaching their goals.

Synthesis development – design and create

ACADEMICHEM designs, studies, and manipulates the characteristics of polymers to create materials with specific chemical, mechanical, thermal and physical properties.

With this view ACADEMICHEM offers to its customers:

  • Development of a synthesis plan that is simple, effective and reproducible and guarantees high yield and purity.
  • Processes to avoid undesired by-products, ensure short processing times and a quick implementation by means of a synthesis plan. Transparency and open to various solution approaches for new syntheses.
  • From gram to tone strategy, adapted synthesis strategies.